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The aim is to visually shorten the face and add width.


- Styles need to have volume at the top of the head and width at the sides, (in the area of the cheekbones).

- The width should taper in, from the cheek line to the nape of the neck.

- The sides should be off your face.

- Styles need to have softness and be natural looking. This may be created by curls or layers.

- Hair is best at mid-length.

- Long hair needs to be full at the neck or shoulderline.

- Avoid; height only, long straight hair, centre parts, very short styles and hair that flicks around from the back of your neck.


- Apply a dark shade of foundation at the hairline around the forehead and just under and over the chin.

- Apply blush high on the cheekbones at the outer third of the eye and blend toward the temples.

- Apply a small amount of blush to the centre of the chin and blend.