Length for Sample


Avoid lengths that hit the widest area of your thighs.
Alternatively, match the colour or depth/value of the top to your pants, skirt or dress to minimize the potentially broadening effect.
Best worn as a garment that can be worn open with with a blouse, top or camisole underneath.

Best worn as a garment that can be worn open with with a blouse, top or camisole underneath.

Length for Sample

- Being a woman with a balanced body to leg proportion, in most cases your best jacket lengths will be anywhere from your hip to your 1st finger joints.
Jackets that are much longer will make you appear shorter and possibly heavier.

To wear tops, sweaters and jackets longer than your recommendations coordinate with garments that create a low colour contrast - this will effectively de-emphasis the hemline.
See example on page 40 of your Style Guide.


A jacket is one of the most useful garments a woman owns. A jacket adds warmth, covers stomachs, hides rolls, adds authority and credibility, completes an outfit and turns pants and skirts into suits.

Jackets above the hipline look best on short women and/or those with short legs. A jacket longer than fingertip generally looks best worn by very tall women, except in tunic jackets.

The knuckle length jacket is the most versatile length a woman can wear. It is the same length worn by men for suit jackets. The length balances all body types and heights and covers the behind. When it comes to coordination, knuckle length works with all skirt lengths, pant styles, and heel heights. This length also applies to tops and sweaters.

If pants are to be worn, ensure you look good from the back and the front. Women with full bottoms will often require a jacket, sweater or top long enough to hang below the curve of their behind. If you are full-figured or larger below the waist than above, wearing low contrast below the waist will flatter you the most. If your pants are beautifully fitted and fall vertically to the floor from the fullest part of your behind, a shorter jacket length may be acceptable with a large behind. Jackets worn above the bottom look best from behind when worn with skirts and dresses.

A balance needs to be created when combining jackets with skirts or pants. A good rule of thumb is long over short or short over long. For example, a long jacket over a long skirt can often appear heavy and cumbersome unless you are tall. On the other hand, full skirts require short, slim jackets to balance the fullness.

Long-waisted slender women wear belted jackets the best. However, women with high waists will be more comfortable and look better when they wear narrow, non-contrasting coloured belts tied loosely.

The length of your jacket depends on the following factors:

  • Your vertical body type.
  • Your horizontal body type.
  • Your height.
  • Your weight.
  • Any relevant, prominent features, e.g. full thighs or a large bottom.
  • Your age.

NOTE: The guidelines in this section also pertain to jackets, tops, overblouses, vests and sweaters.

The following chart is only to be followed if your personal notes tell you to do so.

Guidelines for Wearing Longer Jacket Lengths:

Employ the first two points, then two of the next three points.

  1. Wear heels to lengthen your legs.

    Increase your heels by the amount the jacket is longer than your longest recommenced 'Great' length. For example, if the jacket is 3cms longer than your best longest length, wear shoes with 3cm heels to give your legs the extra length needed to balance your total look.


  1. Wear a tapered garment below your waist. If a skirt or dress, it should be at or just above or below your knee to give your overall appearance the correct proportion. If trousers or pants, the taper will depend on your style, personality, age and figure.


  1. Wear an eye-catching accessory or focal point above your bustline.


  1. Wear hosiery that blends in colour with your shoes and hemline.


  1. Flow colour through your body; either inside, e.g. a black skirt, a black top and coloured jacket, or outside, e.g. a black jacket, black skirt, and coloured top.