Pockets for Sample


Pockets for Sample

Pockets while decorative and practical can also be saboteurs of an otherwise great garment. They are embellishments that capture attention.
If placed over or near a not-so-good physical characteristic they have the power to attract attention to the area.

If your lower half is two or more sizes larger than your top half, have an alteration service remove the inner pocket facing and sew up the opening of all pockets below your waist.
This will result in a slimmer appearance and minimize attention to your lower half.


Pockets can be functional or decorative. As purposeful additions to a uniform, pockets provide a place to hold pens, keys or notes. However, aside from uniforms, pockets can be style saboteurs when overloaded with unnecessary items (including hands); filling a pocket will create width and bulk to the body and distort the line of the garment.

Pockets may be designed purely to add interest to a garment; however, their 'interest' should not detract from your overall appearance. If unusual, large, bulky or bright and placed over or near an area you consider not your best, they will attract attention to the very area you may rather hide, e.g. cargo pockets worn over large thighs. Breast pockets that close with a button can highlight the nipples, especially if they are shiny and round and placed on or near the nipples.

When purchasing a new jacket, it is good not to unstitch the pockets to eliminate any temptation to fill the pockets.

Well placed pockets can attract attention away from figure challenges, e.g. breast pockets attract attention away from the hipline.

Pockets may be vertical, diagonal, horizontal or round. Vertical and diagonal pockets elongate and slim the torso, while horizontal and round pockets add width and weight. In addition, vertical and diagonal pockets add strength and/or professionalism, horizontal pockets add composure, and curved pockets add softness and/or femininity to a garment or outfit.

Finally, the garment must fit well to ensure the pockets do not pull open.